Olaf Tarenskeen

jazz and improvised music

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2016Thema’s en Genres in de Muziekgeschiedenis Open Universiteit
2016 Auditor Making Time in Music International Conference Oxford
2015Seminar Teaching in higher education KC Staff Development Royal Conservatory The Hague
1989Banff Centre of Arts Calgary, Canada Jazz seminars with Steve Coleman, Roscoe Mitchell,
Muhal Abrahams, Kevin Eubanks, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Holland
1985Royal Conservatory The Hague UM Jazz (Peter Nieuwerf)
1981Royal Conservatory The Hague UM (perf.artist/education)
Classical Guitar Cum Laude (Antonio Pereira Arias)

Awards, Residencies, Grants

2022Grant Artistic Research Municipality The Hague-LOOS
2021Artist in Residence Studio Loos
1989Grant Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Culture (WVC)
1985Wessel Ilcken Prize Jazz
1981Nicolai Prize

Guitar Educator

2022 – 1990Independent Guitar Education
Educator Guitar Acoustic & Elec. /Jazz/Classical
Complete Guitar Studio The Hague
2016 – 2017Jazz Workshops Studio LOOS The Hague
2015 – 2018 Haagse Muziekcentrale The Hague
2006 – 2011Jazz Workshops Regentenkamer
1980 – 1981Music School Barendrecht
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