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Blue Light - The Voice Guitar Project

Yvonne Smeets | Olaf Tarenskeen

Vocalist Yvonne Smeets and guitarist Olaf Tarenskeen present ‘Blue Light, the voice guitar project’, an eclectic album with elements of surprise and recognizability, melancholy and cheerfulness, with classical elements in a contemporary jazz idiom that is expressive in word and sound.

This is realised by broadening conventions, connecting various musical sources and uniting lyrics, music and improvisation in a jazz context. Blue Light contains 10 original compositions by Smeets and Tarenskeen, with lyrics by Yvonne Smeets and (guitar) arrangements by Olaf Tarenskeen. This duo project shows the following themes: the meeting of acoustic guitar and jazz singing, of traditional song form and joint open improvisation, of art music and popular music.

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Blue Light